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Tips On How To Play Street Football


You can see a lot of crazy football fans anywhere in the world. No matter whether they play on ground or street, football love has only gone upwards. It is not possible for everyone to play football in a 100- yard green pitch. But this should not be a reason to pull oneself back from playing the game. You can play the game in a street which no one can stop. Here are some tips on the basics, the rules, and tricks to start playing the game in streets.

Tips On How To Play Street Football

Do not feel sad if you could not find a 100- yard green pitch. A green pitch is not important if you have a passion towards football. You can try finding a basketball court or a tennis court or even a parking lot that is empty can help you. You can use the poles or the parking cones to mark the goals. It can help you see the goals clearly. You can even draw lines with chalk or spray paint if you are unable to find a parking cone. Since you are not playing professional football, there is no need for specific jerseys. Your feet and football will do the work. Another advantage is you can play with whatever shoes you are comfortable with, whether it is tennis shoes or even your sneakers. You can wear different team’s jersey as most of the jerseys are available in the market.

When playing street football, you do not have to follow the FIFA rules and standards. Both teams can decide the rules. You can master your street football skills once you start practicing it. You can study a lot of tricks from street football. The main advantage is you will get practice in all areas so that you will get perfection in areas like passing, dribbling and receiving.

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Tips On Attire For Street Football


Have you ever thought of what should be your attire on a 5-a-side? Many people know, but they still search the internet to get an option. There are some essential things which you have to wear on a 5-a-side. You can also make slight changes according to your fashion and comfort. The main things you will need in a 5-a-side are a shirt, shorts, a pair of football socks and boots. You can wear a t-shirt of any kind. However, it will be good if you buy a football shirt if you can afford. Since they are light weight, they will be able to provide free movement, and also you will not get any skin irritations.

Go for a pair of good sports shorts. Do not opt to wear the same old shorts as they might be at the end of their lifetime. Buy a proper one which is also light weight with proper elastic. Do avoid shorts that you are not comfortable with or shorts which are too short or too long. You must avoid wearing jogging bottoms and sweat pants as you will not free movement. You must have a good pair of socks. If you prefer wearing a shin pad, the socks should cover the shin pad and also the socks should be thick so that they can provide you warmth and comfort.

Always prefer a good pair of shoes or boots. If you are playing in ground, it is better to select a shoe that can give you the grip. If the game is happening on a tennis court or any indoor stadium, then you need to select a shoe with a gum-rubber sole. You need to carefully choose the one with the correct sole depending on where you are playing. It is better to avoid the boots with stud or blades, as it will only help if you are playing on grass.