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Making Your Own Sports Drink


A Sports drink is something that provides energy to the players when they get tired. Have you ever thought of making one for yourself? Do you know how to make it? Have you ever seen a manufacturer in the process of making a sports drink? If the answer is no, then you can try making your kind of sports drink with natural ingredients. It is not like studying rocket science. The sports drink mainly contains two items which are the carbohydrates and sodium. Carbohydrate gives the fuel to the muscles and sodium can help you from dehydration and provides the salt which you have lost in sweating.

You can make your kind of sports drink if you have some things ready at home. They are one bottle of water, sugar, salt and some squash. Mix all these items together for a while and refrigerate it. Another way is to mix salt and water to juices which are 100% real. The healthier one will be mixing the water with a pinch of salt, a dash of lemon and a small piece of ginger with some honey. This drink is the perfect one. The next perfect one is the natural coconut water which contains natural sugar and an instant health provider.