Street Football- Practices To Excel

foot ballFootball is a crazy game that everyone would love to follow. Street football is no different from the real football if you keep some laws out from the professional game. You can play street football wherever you want to, no matter whether it is an indoor stadium or on a parking platform. But the question is, are you getting enough practice to be a good street football player or you are practicing the right thing as a street football player? If you want to know about practices which can improve your skills as a street football player you need to follow some tips.

st football

The good thing about street football is you can try new tricks and understand whether it is working or not. If you have a friend, who can help you in trying in tricks in football you can opt for One Vs One. Your friend, a football and a perfect place to play will do the work. You can try variations, and these tricks can help you in the real games, and it can also make you a winner. You can practice by spending time with the ball. Once you get the knowledge about the ball, you can pass it to different directions according to your will. Ground moves are ways to learn tricks under pressure. You will be able to understand the trick if you play alone.

If you practice the football tennis, you will excel in playing spectacular passes. Football tennis can give you confidence in playing small volleys which can help you in excel in street football techniques. Practice makes you perfect and confident enough to play the moves. If you practice all these tricks religiously, your moves and your skills will get a complete polish that when you enter a ground or a stadium, you can enter with confidence.

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Tips On How To Play Street Football


You can see a lot of crazy football fans anywhere in the world. No matter whether they play on ground or street, football love has only gone upwards. It is not possible for everyone to play football in a 100- yard green pitch. But this should not be a reason to pull oneself back from playing the game. You can play the game in a street which no one can stop. Here are some tips on the basics, the rules, and tricks to start playing the game in streets.

Tips On How To Play Street Football

Do not feel sad if you could not find a 100- yard green pitch. A green pitch is not important if you have a passion towards football. You can try finding a basketball court or a tennis court or even a parking lot that is empty can help you. You can use the poles or the parking cones to mark the goals. It can help you see the goals clearly. You can even draw lines with chalk or spray paint if you are unable to find a parking cone. Since you are not playing professional football, there is no need for specific jerseys. Your feet and football will do the work. Another advantage is you can play with whatever shoes you are comfortable with, whether it is tennis shoes or even your sneakers. You can wear different team’s jersey as most of the jerseys are available in the market.

When playing street football, you do not have to follow the FIFA rules and standards. Both teams can decide the rules. You can master your street football skills once you start practicing it. You can study a lot of tricks from street football. The main advantage is you will get practice in all areas so that you will get perfection in areas like passing, dribbling and receiving.

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Grip And Traction Improvement- Tips


In games such as football, basketball or volleyball, it is necessary for you to make quick moves. If you want to perform better, you need to change moves fast, and the only thing that can help you for getting quick movements without causing any damages is the grip that your shoe provides. If you have a shoe which is having a bad sole and less grip, the outcome of that game will be drastic and also there are chances of your team criticizing you for non- performance. So when you plan to buy a shoe, get it from a good manufacturer who can provide you the shoes with a good grip. Your shoes can lose the traction if you do not give proper care to them.

Before you throw the worn out shoes to the bin, have a look at them. It may be that they need just the cleaning. Dust and dirt are the main things that reduce the grip. It is your responsibility to keep your shoes clean. You cannot blame the ground or the staff there for not keeping the ground dirt-free. You can clean the shoes using a mild detergent, warm water, and a scissor or a toothbrush and a clean towel. You should make sure that you are not wearing these shoes outside other than for a match.

When you wear these shoes only to a match, it does not mean that they will not get dust and dirt. After each match, you should clean the shoes so that the dust and dirt can get removed. Cleaning the shoes on a regular basis is the only way to give the life back to them. A clean towel can help you in removing the dirt from the shoes. It is a truth that spraying your hairspray to the shoes can improve the grip. If you have given a try to all these tricks and still there is no success, then it is better to buy a new one.

5-a-side Rules – The Unwritten Laws One Should Know


5-a-side rules do exist even though people use it with some changes. If you want to know about the rules, people will be more than happy to provide you the information. However, there are some rules which are not in writing, but people follow it religiously. You need to figure out these rules as no one will ever tell you these. Here is some of the information which you can share it with your football team.

The golden rule of a kick about. The kicker is the one who always fetches. If you are the one who kicks the ball over a fence, then you should bring the ball back. The importance of bringing the ball also increases the inconvenience you might face in fetching it. It is good to take the responsibility rather than inviting enemies for the entire life. The next law is if you do not have specialist goalkeepers, it is a rule that everybody should take a turn in goal. If you have a decent team, on hearing the question of who is next should think about the person who should pass the goal next. Make sure that everyone gets a chance. When you get the chance of passing the goal, you should do it properly. It frustrates everyone who passes the goal without even giving it a proper try. It may be for this reason that you are not a good goalkeeper. But no one is expecting you to play like a professional player and do your bit in goal. The only thing everyone wants is to do what you can and do it clearly and properly. The game should always be friendly. Remember to pay your fees correctly to the club or to the guy who organizes the weekly matches for you and never try to drop out of a game without prior notice as it can affect the team confidence.

Making Your Own Sports Drink


A Sports drink is something that provides energy to the players when they get tired. Have you ever thought of making one for yourself? Do you know how to make it? Have you ever seen a manufacturer in the process of making a sports drink? If the answer is no, then you can try making your kind of sports drink with natural ingredients. It is not like studying rocket science. The sports drink mainly contains two items which are the carbohydrates and sodium. Carbohydrate gives the fuel to the muscles and sodium can help you from dehydration and provides the salt which you have lost in sweating.

You can make your kind of sports drink if you have some things ready at home. They are one bottle of water, sugar, salt and some squash. Mix all these items together for a while and refrigerate it. Another way is to mix salt and water to juices which are 100% real. The healthier one will be mixing the water with a pinch of salt, a dash of lemon and a small piece of ginger with some honey. This drink is the perfect one. The next perfect one is the natural coconut water which contains natural sugar and an instant health provider.

Tips On Attire For Street Football


Have you ever thought of what should be your attire on a 5-a-side? Many people know, but they still search the internet to get an option. There are some essential things which you have to wear on a 5-a-side. You can also make slight changes according to your fashion and comfort. The main things you will need in a 5-a-side are a shirt, shorts, a pair of football socks and boots. You can wear a t-shirt of any kind. However, it will be good if you buy a football shirt if you can afford. Since they are light weight, they will be able to provide free movement, and also you will not get any skin irritations.

Go for a pair of good sports shorts. Do not opt to wear the same old shorts as they might be at the end of their lifetime. Buy a proper one which is also light weight with proper elastic. Do avoid shorts that you are not comfortable with or shorts which are too short or too long. You must avoid wearing jogging bottoms and sweat pants as you will not free movement. You must have a good pair of socks. If you prefer wearing a shin pad, the socks should cover the shin pad and also the socks should be thick so that they can provide you warmth and comfort.

Always prefer a good pair of shoes or boots. If you are playing in ground, it is better to select a shoe that can give you the grip. If the game is happening on a tennis court or any indoor stadium, then you need to select a shoe with a gum-rubber sole. You need to carefully choose the one with the correct sole depending on where you are playing. It is better to avoid the boots with stud or blades, as it will only help if you are playing on grass.