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5-a-side Rules – The Unwritten Laws One Should Know


5-a-side rules do exist even though people use it with some changes. If you want to know about the rules, people will be more than happy to provide you the information. However, there are some rules which are not in writing, but people follow it religiously. You need to figure out these rules as no one will ever tell you these. Here is some of the information which you can share it with your football team.

The golden rule of a kick about. The kicker is the one who always fetches. If you are the one who kicks the ball over a fence, then you should bring the ball back. The importance of bringing the ball also increases the inconvenience you might face in fetching it. It is good to take the responsibility rather than inviting enemies for the entire life. The next law is if you do not have specialist goalkeepers, it is a rule that everybody should take a turn in goal. If you have a decent team, on hearing the question of who is next should think about the person who should pass the goal next. Make sure that everyone gets a chance. When you get the chance of passing the goal, you should do it properly. It frustrates everyone who passes the goal without even giving it a proper try. It may be for this reason that you are not a good goalkeeper. But no one is expecting you to play like a professional player and do your bit in goal. The only thing everyone wants is to do what you can and do it clearly and properly. The game should always be friendly. Remember to pay your fees correctly to the club or to the guy who organizes the weekly matches for you and never try to drop out of a game without prior notice as it can affect the team confidence.