Do All Famous Football Players Own Expensive Cars?

Football is the biggest sport in the world. With its popularity, world class teams pay the biggest salaries to football superstars. Top players are paid millions per year to bring their game to the best leagues in Europe and South America. Even teams in Asia and the Middle East are fast catching on and paying for world-class quality players. As part of their perks, and also because they can afford it, these players enjoy their earnings and buy the best houses and cars that they want.

Of course, not all football players own expensive cars, if by expensive you mean cars, which are worth upwards of a hundred pounds. However, you have to ask yourself if an entry level 60,000 pound Porsche is expensive enough for a famous footballer. For instance, Djibril Cisse bought an American muscle car, the Plymouth Prowler. This is a car worth $30,000, which is not expensive at all. He could well afford to buy the best car for 35000 and nobody would notice.

There are a few footballers who go for the European SUV experience as they drive a Porsche Cayenne, BMW X5, or the Range Rover Sport. Sulley Mantari drives a Mercedes-Benz Brabus G63 AMG 6×6. This is a limited edition  Mercedes SUV retrofitted by after sales outfitter AMG with a 6-wheel drive. Stephen Ireland drove a pink Range Rover when he still played for Manchester. Wayne Rooney also drove a Range Rover. Other notable players have a Range Rover Sport, which is a more responsive car on the road. Sports owners include Ryan Giggs, Frank Lampard, Jermain Defoe and Jaimie Carragher. It would seem that due to the number of football players who own this model of car, that it should be considered a “football player’s car.” Fernando Torres drives a Mercedes-Benz M-Class. Thierry Henry has an Audi Q7.

On the other hand, Mario Balotelli drives a bronze Range Rover Evoque. He also drives a Maserati Gran Turismo MC Stradale as well as a Bentley Continental GT in camouflage colours.

There are those who also like the feel of the big city American suburban van. Thierry Henry also has a Lincoln Navigator, worth $50,000, while not to be outdone, El Hadji Diouf drove a gold-plated Cadillac Escalade. To be fair, Diouf also has a Mercedes-Benz SLR Maclaren in white with blue racing stripes running down the centre. William Gallas has a different opinion of what it should look like, as he had a full chrome plating achieving a mirror-like finish. His lead has since been followed. A gleaming Mercedes SLR Maclaren is not something you cannot notice.

There is no real differentiator for footballers and their cars. Most of those who can afford them, buy expensive models. These range from Rolls Royces, Bentleys, as well Mercedes Benz performance vehicles.

Living the fast life is also something to be expected of these athletes. Supercars are a favourite of elite players.

Retired athlete David Beckham certainly earned a lot of money during his playing days. Besides houses, he also has a stable of high-end cars. He has a Rolls Royce Phantom, a Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe, a Porsche 911 Turbo, an Audi S8, a Cadillac Escalade and a Jeep Wrangler, just to round things off.

For some, supercars are the way to go. The Bugatti Veyron is easily a very expensive vehicle costing up to $1,700,000 and there are a few football players who have one of these. Cristiano Ronaldo has one, and so does Ronaldinho. To be fair, they do have other cars in their respective garages.

Of course other players may not want to splurge that much money, and still, they can turn heads with their supercars. Or more likely, they have supercars or several supercars, as second or third cars. Stephen Ireland also owns an Audi R8 in a white and blue trim. Wayne Rooney, Nani and Robinho all have a Lamborghini Gallardo. Beside the Bugatti Veyron, Cristiano Ronaldo also had a Ferrari 599, which was totalled when he lost control in a tunnel. He survived the crash, but the car was a total wreck. This should demonstrate the safety and survivability of a supercar driver, as well as the need for better driving skills if you want to drive one of these beasts.

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The Importance of Sport in the Fight Against Obesity

The Importance of Sport in the Fight Against ObesityObesity is one of the leading problems faced by children. Some kids have not even gone out of this problem and carried it through adulthood. There are a lot of factors why kids become obese. The quality of food being fed to them is perhaps the biggest factor.

Children are usually difficult to feed and they only select certain types of food. They are not inclined in going for healthier food options. As a result, they remain obese and could hardly get off of their problem.

There are a lot of ways to help kids get rid of this issue. Start by introducing them to sports. There are certain activities that help kids burn more calories. Just take note that these activities must be suitable to their age and physical capabilities. Don’t push them to do something way beyond what they can do.

Take note that not all kids are the same. For some, physical activities are so much fun and they would love to play around all the times. Others would rather sit inside the house and read a book or play with their electronic devices.

Try structured fitness classes

If you think your child has a weight problem or could be potentially obese, it is time to consider a structured fitness class. This is where the child receives special activities based on personal capabilities. It starts with easier activities that move forward to more difficult ones up until they reach certain goals. The good thing about structured classes is that they are customized to suit the needs of the child.

Those who have more advanced skills can try out something more difficult than the usual. The others who may be a bit slow are given easier activities like ball catching or short distance jogging. Since their capabilities change over time, these activities also increase in terms of difficulty.

Provide the right kind of motivation

In doing all these activities, there are instances when your child would just want to give up. It is important to provide support without being too pushy. Be there to explain the importance of doing the activities. Let your child understand that these activities are not punishments. Instead, they are done to help achieve fitness goals.

You should also start talking about obesity and why it has to be a cause for concern. Once your child starts to understand the importance of the fitness activities, it would be easier to move forward with the rest of the physical activities.

Instill the value of physical fitness at a young age so that obesity won’t be a problem later in life. This should also be coupled with the right kind of diet. Children should be given healthy food choices without necessarily being deprived of foods they love most.

Parenting is never easy. Kids face a lot of issues as they grow up. Just be there to provide support in every step of the way. If your child is still a baby, you might want to check out Baby Gear Guide for baby products like push chairs, baby car seats and strollers.

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The Immense Work Going into the New Football Stadiums in Qatar

The Immense Work Going into the New Football Stadiums in Qatar The 2022 World Cup will be held in Qatar. This is one of the most festive and highly anticipated sporting events in the world. Bidding for this event is also not easy. It is just like bidding to host the Olympics. This is why Qatar is taking everything seriously. They have introduced cutting-edge technology to ensure that this becomes a unique event and a moment for all football fans to remember.

A lot of money has been poured out in the construction of the stadiums. They are said to feature an open air cooling technology. It is something unheard of in football. Since it can get really hot in Qatar, it is impossible to enjoy the game in an open stadium. It may also lead to health issues among players. This has, in fact, become one of the reasons why FIFA was criticised for allowing Qatar to host this huge event. There is even a campaign to take Qatar out as the host. There were also rumours that they have paid the organisers to allow them to win the bid.

Heat is not a problem

As criticisms were growing, Qatar has made public their plans to deal with temperature issues. They have explained the technological brilliance they are planning to employ. In most cases, closed roofing is the solution to prevent heat. There are stadiums with retractable roofs so they can be easily closed if it is too hot or raining outside.

Qatar thought of a different strategy to deal with this problem. They have decided to let the stadiums remain open. This begs the question of how they will keep the place cool when the temperature outside is too high. According to the organisers, they have harnessed solar power to solve the problem. They have a central solar power farm to pump cool air into the stadiums throughout the games. This will cover the field along with the spectators’ seats, even down to the back.

This has already been tried in various structures in Qatar over the years. In 2010, an inspection was made in a duplicate, albeit, smaller stadium. The cooling technique was demonstrated in front of the technical inspectors.

The strategy was to slowly change the temperature so that spectators won’t be exposed to a sudden change in temperature. The organisers are very optimistic that this would lead to the results that they expect to see. This technology may be unheard of, but it has been tried many times. If they succeed, Qatar will forever be remembered for this modern technology employed in a major international event.

For now, massive work has been done to complete the stadiums in time for the 2022 World Cup. There are workers, day in and out, doing everything possible to not let anything wrong happen. You might even see workers using chainsaws even at night just to get things done. You can also use these chainsaws by checking the ratings first to see if they are perfect for your home or workplace.

There is too much at stake for Qatar in this endeavour. They really can’t go wrong.

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The Weekly Hard Grind of Cleaning Football Stadiums

A football match typically attracts thousands of fans, especially if it’s a game between two popular teams. Football stadiums are also used for other events, including concerts. Imagine having to clean a huge area like this. This is a big and challenging task, and it’s something that cannot be done by a single person alone. It usually takes hundreds of people to clean the entire stadium. If you’re wondering about the hard work that it takes in cleaning a football stadium, here’s an overview.

Cleaning Begins During the Game

Many people think that the cleaning of stadium starts after the game. This is a common misconception as cleaning starts during the football game. The members of the cleaning team sweep the spaces in between chairs and any open area that they can clean while the game is on. This is to lessen the dirt that they need to take care of, as well as prevent it from building up, which could make their job more difficult. It’s easier to clean a large area like this if they prevent the dirt build up as early as the game starts and the fans have settled on their seats.

Garbage is Removed

Once the game is over, the cleaners go to the specific areas given to them for cleaning. Fans eat while enjoying the game so there’s always plenty of garbage to clean up. Cleaners usually have methods of disposing of the garbage. They have a container for items that can be used for recycling and another for items that are for disposal.

Floor and Chairs are Swept

After removing the garbage, it’s time to sweep the seats and floor thoroughly. Sweeping during the game just lessen the dirt that needs to be cleaned, but cleaning is done thoroughly once the football game is over. This gives cleaners that chance to sweep under the seats that they weren’t able to do while the fans were still sitting.

Pressure Washers are Used

A high-quality pressure washer is used in cleaning a football stadium as this can easily remove dirt, including gums that stick on or under the seats. Gums being stuck on chairs are some of the biggest problems of football stadium cleaners. A powerful pressure washer can make this task easier for the cleaners. An equipment that uses hot water is the most ideal as hot water loosens dirt and gums easily.

There are generally two types of pressure or power washers. They can either be powered by electricity or gas. Those that are powered by electricity are lightweight, but they are only used for small areas. Gas powered are more powerful, making them the best choice for bigger areas like a football stadium. The gas-powered equipment comes in varying amps, which tells about its power output. Washers with the highest amps are used on stadiums since these are huge areas to clean.

Some pressure washers are also used with other accessories and tools for better and more convenient cleaning. For instance, some are used with brushes. These are used for scrubbing and washing at the same time. Although some cleaners do not use any chemicals when cleaning, there are others that use chemicals that are considered safe by their manufacturers.

The right nozzles and settings are also kept in mind because there’s a specific nozzle and setting to be used for certain areas being cleaned. This is to prevent damages that may be caused by too much pressure on the surface. On the other hand, using one that doesn’t have enough pressure can make it difficult for cleaners to remove dirt. Cleaners that use these power washers are also advised to wear the eye and ear protection recommended by the equipment manufacturer for their own safety.

Now that you have a general idea of the hard work required for cleaning a football stadium, you can make the cleaners’ job easier by throwing your garbage in the garbage can next time instead of leaving your dirt on your seat. Never stick gums on your chair and dispose of them the right way. If you’re considering getting into this kind of cleaning business, you’ll know what to expect and look for. Aside from the hundreds of cleaners that you need to hire, you also need to invest in top quality equipment, including powerful pressure washers.

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How Top Footballers Keep in Top Shape All Year Round

Football players are admired all over the world. Not only do they bring action-packed games, they also look good. It seems like they are in top condition throughout the year. Their endurance is also worth admiration. Imagine being in their place. You have to keep running for several hours each game in a huge field and sometimes under the scorching heat of the sun. There are instances when games are just hours or a day apart. They have to keep playing even if they are still sore from the previous game.

In short, these footballers are in top shape all throughout the year. They won’t be able to stand the pressure that comes with the game if they are in bad shape. They have to remain disciplined. Here are some of their secrets on how they are able to maintain their perfect shape.

Weight training

There is a period in every season where there are no matches at all. Aside from practicing as a team, they also take some time off for weight training. They have to build their muscles. This makes them have enough energy coming into the actual tournament. Weight training is also difficult. It is a major obstacle that can somehow mimic the obstacles on the game. This makes them prepared for anything that could happen when playing. Besides, football is a contact sport. It matters a lot if you have a big body to easily tackle your opponents. Footballers are also recommended to workout on the best elliptical machines during their rest days. This ensures that they are still able to build their stamina even when weight training.

Proper nutrition

Most of these professional football players have nutritionists. They take care of the players’ diet. They ensure that the players can eat the right kind and amount of food. Everything they put on their mouth matters. Without proper nutrition, it would be difficult for them to maintain their shape. Yes, they still eat foods like pizza or ice cream, but normally when the season is over. They have some time to just relax or celebrate. However, when the games are still going on, they need to stick with the plan.

Sports supplement intake

This one is a bit tricky though. These players are allowed to take products to boost their endurance and stamina. This is what keeps them going on the field. It is not enough to be rehydrated. However, they have to be careful since there is a long list of drugs that are banned. If they are found guilty of taking a substance that they are not supposed to, then it would possibly kick them out of the tournament. Worse, they might even be banned for life.

Time for recovery

Football can be very stressful physically, mentally and even metabolically. Therefore, players need some time off to recover. They spend a day not into training or practicing. They also have to fully recover once the season is over before they start practicing again. They also give themselves some time to travel and have fun. It is important that once the game is back on, they are totally focused. Otherwise, they will keep losing.

It takes a lot to be a professional football player. If you want to be one, you have to start practising now.

How Important is Choosing the Right Pair of Football Boots?

There are a lot of factors that could determine if you will win or lose a football match. Of course, the skills of the individual players and the team as a whole are the most decisive factors. Those who can work well together as a team and weaken their opponent will end up winning the game. There are other teams that are not really that strong as a whole, but have individual players who are good enough to carry the entire group to victory.

Aside from skills, footwear is also essential in football. After all, it is called football. Everything depends on footwork. Having the right football boots will most likely help the players perform better. Here are some other reasons why choosing the right pair of football boots matters.

There are different types of grounds

There are different grounds in which players have to face. The most common ones are soft and firm grounds. Soft grounds are usually muddy. Therefore, the football boots must have studs that can place the feet firmly on the ground. Firm grounds on the other hand are dry. It is important that the metal components of the boots are heavy enough to support the players and avoid unnecessary accidents.

Different boots suit different positions

You also have to consider your position in the game. Defenders or goal keepers need really strong boots. They need something that enhances stability or those that can reduce the risk of being injured once they are tackled. They also need to move quickly. Therefore, those that help prevent slipping are necessary.

Forward or wingers need something that is lightweight. Soft leather shoes with blades and light studs are perfect. This helps hasten movement and improve accuracy. Middle fielders can use the classic boots. They are perfect for various pitch conditions. They must be able to easily pass and cross without any problem. Finally, strikers can use any type of football boots as long as they feel comfortable and light.

Size is a crucial factor

The size of the football boots matters a lot. It is important to ensure that the boots fit well. Otherwise, movements could be impeded. If the boots are too tight, they might cause difficulty in movement and even excruciating pain as the match progresses. Loose boots could result to difficulty in movement as well. Players can’t run easily as they have to worry about losing their shoes while running.

In short, if you are a football player, you need to take time searching for the right boots. You must also have extra shoes on your bag just in case you are not comfortable with the one that you are to use for the game. Don’t worry though. If you reach professional football, you will have sponsors. You don’t need to worry about the shoes to wear. You will be given one that is the perfect match for you. This should be enough to encourage you to do better and reach greater heights.

The Diet Plan Of A Footballer


Are you a big fan of a professional footballer? Do you follow them religiously, even in eating habits? Probably no. Many people are hard-core fans, but they are unaware of the diet plan of their favorite footballer. So even if you cannot be them, you can follow their diet plan for healthy living.


Most of the diet plan of a footballer starts with having a glass of lukewarm water, with a dash of lime along with two cubes of dark chocolate and one actimel. This drink can provide the energy and also boost the metabolism. The breakfast gives the footballer the energy to practice and play the game for the whole day. Normally, they would like to have slices of brown toast, preferably two with the almond spread. You can also have boiled eggs and a glass of milk. If you are not a fan of almond spread and toast, opt for some porridge. A perfect lunch would be green vegetables like broccoli and a piece of grilled chicken with brown rice. It can keep your tummy fill for a long time.

Most of the footballers prefer to have a light dinner with boiled vegetables along with grilled fish or smoked one, and they take it with lots of berries or fruits. Fish is the major supplier of Omega 3 fatty acids, and it can improve the health. Along with diet the footballers also give importance to exercises so that they can get a healthy living.

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